Emergency health response and basic need supply to Sindupalchok

26 April, 2016

Lining up in the same row, NFDF also stands up to help the people in need. NFDF make their way, immediately as possible, towards Piskar, Sano Palanti and Fulping Katti of Sindupalchok. It takes hours of driving for a health camp team, which was consisted of three doctors, one diver and one assistant, to reach up to the destination place.

The moment we reached the village, we viewed disserted place full of rubble which actually gives pitiable pictures of how quake hit area really looks like. Every physical infrastructure of the village -Houses, Health Centers, Schools, Police Station, and Post Office had turned into useless debris and the roads were blocked by the stones. The eyes full of fear used to look upon us anticipating some help. In the mean time, one quake victim share the reality with eyes having tears ready to roll down that ” Some of the people died because of complications of minor injuries due to lack of timely medical help”.
Medical treatment and other service provided

NFDF provide treatment to 200 injured people. Most of them had critical problem such as crush injury, poly trauma, fractures, abrasions, lacerations and cellulites while other have APD, anxiety/depression, acute panic attack, anemia, acne and so on.

Apart from the medical treatment, we also provide transport facilities to the severely injured patients. Realizing the need of health awareness and counseling NFDF provided the health education and counseling which includes process of purifying water and to wash hand, to make temporary toilets and use of first aid and, finally, importance of timely transport management with proper coordination and patience.

In addition, NFDF did understand the shortage of food in the particular village so we provide sack of beaten rice and rice of 25 kg each to VDC secretary and Police Chief so that they could identify the neediest people and can distribute accordingly.